Thong Nhat Hanoi Joint Stock Company was established on June 30, 1960 under the Hanoi People’s Committee under the business registration certificate No. 0100100424 issued by Hanoi Department of Planning and Investment.

Process established:

Hanoi Thong Nhat Joint Stock Company (formerly known as Thong Nhat Bicycle Factory) was established on June 30, 1960.

In September 1993, Thong Nhat Bicycle Factory was changed into Thong Nhat Bicycle Company under Decision No. 5563 / QD-UB dated 29/9/1993 of Hanoi People’s Committee.

In October 2004, ViHa Bicycle Company and Dong Da Motorbike Company merged into Thong Nhat Motorbike Company under Decision of Hanoi People’s Committee.

In November 2005, Thong Nhat Bicycle Company was transformed into Thong Nhat One Member Limited Liability Company under Decision No. 162/2005 / QĐ-UB dated 18/10/2005 of Hanoi People’s Committee;

In January 2011, Thong Nhat One Member Limited Liability Company was transformed into Thong Nhat One Member Limited Liability Company pursuant to the Decision No. 287 / QD-TN dated 18/01/2011 of Hanoi People’s Committee, Operating under the parent company-subsidiary model. The company operates under the laws and regulations approved by the City People’s Committee in accordance with Decision 6139 / QD-UBND dated 30/12/2011;

On 27/02/2017, Thong Nhat One Member Limited Company was changed to Thong Nhat Joint Stock Company in accordance with Decision No. 607 / QD-UBND dated 08/02/2017.

In 57 years of development and development with the brand over time, Thong Nhat has launched millions of products to serve all kinds of customers at all ages. “Think Bike, Think About Unified” has become a mindset, habit and reliable address of consumers in the country and internationally.

“Prestige” and “Quality” are the business motto of the Company. In the production process, the company always strictly complies with the regulations on quality standards, registered trademarks and the National Office of Intellectual Property granted the certificate of protection. “Taking the leading quality”, Hanoi Joint Stock Company always provide products and services meet the requirements of customers and in accordance with the standards of products and services; contributing to environmental protection, community health and the interests of all stakeholders.

Business performance is the key measure of economic growth and the basis for assessing the achievement of the socio-economic goals of an enterprise. Every year, the company always fulfills the assigned socio-economic tasks, preserves and develops state capital, increasing accumulation. To well implement the regulations on finance and accounting and always fulfill the obligation to pay the State budget.

In addition to the achievements in production and business. The company also achieved the following achievement:

– First Class Labor Medal;

– Certificate of Merit from the Prime Minister;

– Flagship unit excellent movement emulation TP. Hanoi;

– National Brand Award;

– Prestigious Exporter Award;

– Vietnam Strong Brand Award;

– Vietnam Gold Star Award;

– Certificate of Merit for 5 consecutive years (2009 – 2014) to implement the campaign “Vietnamese people give priority to using Vietnamese goods”

– Main industrial products of the city;

– The title of high quality Vietnamese goods;

– Vietnamese goods are popular with consumers;